"Cup of Neuss" International Competition

for synchronized Skating

International ISU-Competition for ISU-Senior-, ISU-Senioren-Elite-12,
ISU-Junior- & ISU-Advanced Novice-Teams

International InterClub-Competition for Non-ISU-Basic-Novice,
Juvenile-, Adult- & Mixed-Age-Teams

In conjunction with the
German National Championships 2023

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All competitions will be live on TV:

List of ISU-SYS-Competitions in the Season 2022/2023:

On the initiative of the Deutsche Eislauf Union (DEU), we submitted an application for an "ISU-listed competition" in the spring of 2022 to replace the previous simple "InterClub" competition "NRW Trophy for synchronized Skating". The "NRW Trophy for synchronized Skating" we have been organizing in Neuss for 10 years. 

ISU competitions are advertised worldwide by the ISU and this is where the world's top teams start.

The International Skating Union (ISU) is the worldwide, international umbrella organization for figure skating,

The ISU is the oldest winter sports federation and is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is based in Lausanne.

We have now received the good news that the ISU accepted our application at the last executive meeting and the "Cup of Neuss" is now listed on the list of the world's top ISU competitions.

We applied for this application under the new name "Cup of Neuss for synchronized skating", so the NRW-SYS Trophy no longer exists.

Instead of the traditional NRW-Trophy for synchronized Skating in 2022 we organuzed the
"Open German Championship for synchronized Skating".

The Neusser Schlittschuh-Klub e.V. (NSK) was offering from 2012 - 2020 the "NRW-Trophy for synchronized Skating.
With this InterClup-Competition we wanted to strengthen the interest in synchronized skating, promote this team sport and support SYS-teams in Germany and Europe.

Winner NRW-SYS-Trophy 2020 (Mixed-Age)
3. Team Munich Synergy (Munich/Germany)                       1. Team Butterfl*ice (Neuss/Germany)                             2. Team Snoflakes (Huttwill/Switzerland

The NRW-Trophy for synchronized Skating is always also a big party - starting with a FLASHMOB